Parliament Oils
Essence of food Parliament Oils

Parliament oils are made from pressed filtered technology, therefore they are free from all chemicals. Parliament has six types of organic oils. They are rich in natural vitamins and minerals. Parliament organic oils are for both cooking and skincare. Cooking oil is used for frying, baking and many other cooking purposes. It not only makes the food delicious but also aromatic. And the skin care virgin coconut oil is extracted from coconuts of superior taste and fragrance. It helps nourish the skin and beautify it.

The taste of Purity Parliament Ghee

In India, Ghee is one of the primary ingredients for any recipe. It is traditionally used for cooking but also has various benefits, primarily for hair and skin. As we understand the importance of Ghee, we sell the most authentic ghee worldwide, which will not only make your meals tastier but it will also have the authenticity of rural India that is most trusted. Parliament has both cow ghee and pure ghee. Cow ghee has a low fat content and has a light texture whereas pure ghee has the authentic taste.

Parliament Ghee
Source of Refreshment & Digesion Jaljeera

Parliament Jaljeera is a tangy Indian beverage which is flavoured with a spice mix. It`s a very popular summer drink and served as an appetizer. It is made of cumin, ginger, black pepper, black salt, mint etc. that can blow your taste buds. Parliament Jaljeera has all the ingredients which help to cure indigestion. It is definitely a substitute to other drinks.

Parliament Jaljeera - 275 ml glass bottle

The Sip of Fusion Totka

Parliament`s Totka is a beverage which pumps you up and adds bursts of energy. Even a sip of Parliament Totka gives you a punch. It’s the best way to keep you boosted throughout summers.

Aloe Jeera
For health & Skin Aloe Jeera

It`s a unique combination of cumin and aloe vera. It contains powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. As it`s made of two herbal ingredients, it is good for both stomach and skin. Aloe Vera is one of the best tonic, cleanser and detoxifier whereas cumin seeds add more to healthy living. Both, when mixed together makes Aloe Jeera, a perfect combination for a healthy and hearty life.

250 ML

For health & Skin Jamun Jeera

Jamun is known as the ‘Fruit of the Gods,’ and rightly so because it is enriched with so many magical health properties. Cumin Seeds have been used by mankind since centuries. Apart from being used for cooking, Cumin Seeds have impressive health benefits. Jamun Jeera, which is a mix of Jamun and Cumin Seeds, is definitely a source of rejuvenation.

Jamun Jeera